Sport is everything and it is undoubtly very important for every female, even if she is not going to become a gymnast. But hard training and exercises make them look like real gymnasts and they become very flexible and fit too. Take a look at these amateur gymnasts in these wonderful galleries. Aren’t they cute?

Now stop watching and get to your exercises. Gymnastics - that’s a serious thing!

Ok, finally those “Olympic” games are over and I have some conclusions to post here. What a boring view! I didn’t see any really talented gymnasts there and you obviously can find more exciting things to watch online. Who needs these tickets to gymnastic competitions and that stupid television nowadays? Here I’m posting the real talented gymnasts and ballerinas so you can compare what you are being shown in their stupid mass media and here. Enjoy the real art of gymnastics and ballet for free here.
Posting some new very beautiful galleries for you below:


Just take a look at these beautiful galleries of new young female gymnasts doing some exercises. They are so talented and flexible - I wonder how much time does it take to achieve such results and become so flexible and perform so great! These girls surely will have a wonderful career in gymnastics! We will be waiting for them at the next Olympic games. They perform almost naked, but this is not a problem, is it?

Take a look at these wonderful new talents - One is a very talented ballerina - How I love this modern ballet - looks like this is a scene with black swan or something like that. She performs it so great!

Cute gymnast from the second gallery is fantastic and very flexible too. Seems that she’s on a diet - her dinner table is empty, so she is using that table to show us her flexibility and some nice gymnastic exericises.

Absolutely outstanding galleries for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy watching our new talents of modern ballet and gymnastics only here:

That’s so much fun to have a flexible maid who is a former gymnast. Whenever you get bored - she can show you some exercises and tricks with all her flexibility and expression. Yeah, rates of gymnast maids should be higher definitely - if they keep on training often, they still remain good gymnasts at any age :)

Enjoy this wonderful gallery as a proof:

Sporty, well-trained and flexible female gymnasts are always looking very good, so here is a nice big mix of very cute ones to make your holidays warmer. Now you see why gymnasts have to be trained well - they are getting better bodies in return for their hard work! Here are these wonderful galleries:

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Regular sport games , ball games and swimming are very good activities for any female gymnasts and ballerinas. Why hang out losing time while its much funnier and much more useful to play different games that improve muscles, body and flexibility? But these gymnasts should take sport games seriously… more serious than this!!!… These games are not for fun! Games are serious part of training, and female gymnasts should be disciplined better than this:

Also check out these gymnasts swimming here.

What really important in training of female gymnasts and ballerinas - is their attitude to the whole training process. Gymnasts and ballerinas must be flexible and willingly perform all exercises, because these exercises are for their own good. Here we have two sample photogalleries - the first sporty girl has bad attitude and she looks like someone is forcing her to do the exercises, and the second gallery shows the correct attitude exercises should be performed with. Take a look:

What can guarantee really spectacular results of female gymnasts and sports women? Discipline is an answer. They can be too lazy or may be fooling around in the gym instead of training and doing exercises, so discipline is a very important key to success. Here is a nice gallery which depicts some methods experienced instructors can use - some of them even enhance flexibility and can help in further exercises. But we do not recommend trying this at home ;)

Here is a gallery, enjoy:

Fitness is very important as a part of everyday training of female gymnasts and ballerinas. These exercises help them to have all parts of their bodies in a good condition, firm and tight :) Many exercises enhance flexibility. Today i’m posting couple of great galleries of very professional female fitness instructors performing some exercises for you. One of these girls is even black - there are not so many ebony ballerinas out there, but as you can see they are very good in fitness and other sports :) Enjoy!

Regular workouts are absolute mandatory for female gymnasts. The exercises have to be performed as often as possible and for as long time as possible. Uniform is not required for female gymnasts :) On summer exercises can be performed outdoor, so everyone could see them. Regular exercises is the only way for female gymnasts and ballerinas to stay in a good physical condition. Here are few samples of good exercises which can be performed easily:

All female gymnasts must pass medical examination regularly in order to ensure their physical form is good enough and to keep track of their body parameters and such. Here you can watch photos from medical examinations of some talented female gymnasts - look at these sporty bodies! Their physical form was confirmed to be good enough for gymnastics and other exercises.
Yes, nobody likes these doctors, but gymnasts have to pass such exams for their own good ;)

We see asian female gymnasts very rarely here, but they are very talented and flexible too. Also they have wonderful ballerinas there, but we will leave asian ballerinas for later, and today I’m posting these exciting galleries of wonderful asian gymnast Mayuko - she loves gymnastics very much and she is very flexible and willing to show you her flexibility and other talents.


I would visit this ballet show for sure, what about you? :) Take a look at this wonderful ballerina in the first gallery. Amazing talent. Funny that these dumb art directors don’t hire such wonderful gymnasts and ballerinas to perofrm in their ballet shows - they would get more visitors for sure. A second gallery of flexible young female gymnast is very cute too - she is trying to see if she’s shaved well or not this way :)


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