November 2005

Take a look at this split this sexy gymnast girl does! She probably has lost her chance to win the Olympic Games, but who fuckin’ cares? Most important thing is that we may watch and enjoy her flexible body in these splits and bends!

Oh, young, perfect ballerina doing a private show just for you! After all she takes all her stuff off so you may compare - is she looking better when dancing in her skirt and panties etc or without it? I think shes perfect when she’s bent in her panties!!!

You just take a look at this perfect beauty dancing for you!

Cruel man wanted to make sure his slut were flexible enough for extreme brutal fucking!
Here is a real flexibility training, where results are fixed with rope.

This training has also been recorded on Video -

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It’s always good to do something both useful and pleasant in the same time!
This horny girl does!
Her training in the gym is taking her to the heaven because of little dildo stuck in her wet teen pussy!

Three former Romanian Olympic gymnasts are in hot water for appearing nude on a DVD and in photographs in Japan. Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presecan, and Corina Ungureanu posed naked and performed gymnastics for a Japanese magazine.
Below are DVD video captures of Lavinia Milosovici performing floor exercises, a balance beam routine, and a vault in the nude!
Organizers decided Tuesday not to ban Romania from next year’s international youth gymnastics competition after three of the country’s former Olympians appeared naked on DVDs.


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Naughty ballerina is stripped to her pantyhose, tied, spread and punished by her Master!
Look at that Split! Wonderful!

Yeah, shake it baby!
Three naked teen dancers show their stuff! Their bodies are too perfect to be real, but they are!

Their Bodies are simply Perfect! Amazing teen Gymast girls in such extreme, vulnerable and fuckable positions!
These two galleries are melting my heart!

She’s not a gymnast, but she does these exercises to be in a good physical condition because she needs to fight and beat another sexy woman!
This is pretty extreme, but naked babes fighting are exciting sight!

(here is video of that fight)

Anahi is absolutely nude, going crazy Yoga exercises at the beach!
Wonderful girl and beautiful sea shore put together!

Sexy russian gymnast flying on the ropes like a butterfly!

Only a real gymnast can do that! Take a look at this amazing beautiful gallery!

I would think these girls are contortionists if they were not restrained!

Take a look at amazing Yoga exercises this naked girl does!

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