May 2007

I’m posting yet another great gallery of yet another retired ballerina from the eastern europe.
What can be the use of retired ballerina or gymnast? She can be photographed naked in different weird poses!
She’s not wearing ballet shoes here, but these boots look even sexier, don’t they?

Click a pic to view!

Great new gallery of a sporty girl training outdoor in pantyhose and guess what, she’s wearing no Panties!!!
What a stupid sporty girl!

LOL :)

I just have discovered that one of my favorite sites named Special Exercises was updates with great new movie of several girls who think they are going to be cool gymnasts and be famous etc etc, but instead they are trained in vicious and perverted way, and seems that the only purpose of these exercises is to humiliate them :)
One naked gymnast girl is good - several naked gymnast girls are better!

Take a look at screencaps from this great movie!