August 2007

Today I’m posting a small, but still very nice and exciting gallery of real Japanese gymnast girl for you. We can see that instead of doing gymnastics exercises etc, she started rollerskating in the training room. Needless to say that she must be punished for this discipline infringement :)

Click pic to see this gallery

Sometimes vintage photos look so funny and exciting! Here is another great gallery I found for you. Here we can see a female gymnast tied to the chairs and stretched in order to enhance her flexibility. She is also gagged so nothing should break the process of training :)

By the way, if you like vintage stuff like this, I’d recommend you a great site named Retro Archives : they have over 15.000 of really exciting vintage photos, not only gymnasts, but many other subjects. All photos on their site are very exciting.

Just click these pictures to see the full gallery:

Today I’m posing 3 galleries from one well-known site for you. But I’m a little bit disappointed. I’ll explain you why.

First we have a gallery claimed to feature a naked ballerina. It’s OK, Ballerina is OK, stretching good, like only ballerinas can. Nice shaved Guess ballerinas have to shave it…

Then we have a “naked gymnast”. But stop, where is gymnastics??? This ain’t no gymnast! This kind of gymnastics you can see in every cheap strip bar! If they say this is “gymnastics” then they are misleading you.

And finally there are 2 nude “gym” girls… They look absolutely stupid and you can see that they have never been trained in the gym. All their poses look absolutely lame!

Ohh… they have to train for hours and days to become real sporty girls…

OK, See you soon, hope next time we will see something better!