June 2008

Today you have an opportunity to enjoy another aspect of naked gymnastics. Take look at this flexible ballerina Claire Adams all roped up tightly and put in different interesting positions. Very nice ballerina, very nice exercises. I believe theatres could attract much more visitors if they would show something like this there. But they are too conservative, not forward-looking, and they don’t see the new trends of art!

We just have received wonderfull new stuff from little Becky, talented teen gymnast with her own site. These galleries are just amazing - she is such cute and flexible. Great young gymnast! Aren’t you falling in love with her?

Just look at these photos - great gymnastics, great flexibility!

And as a bonus, some more photos by Becky. She is such a cutie, loves not only gymnastics, but sucking different things as well. Looks like she is having fun! Good luck, Becky with your gymnastics and life! Thanks for update!

Do you know that cute russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva? You like her? I do not. Because she doesn’t do naked gymnastics like another hot russian Polina Kabaeva does! So whats the use of that Alina Kabaeva when we got Polina???
Just look at these galleries. Amazing! Great gymnastics, great flexibility and no panties, so unlike Alina Kabaeva, she is present on our great site for you!