July 2008

While many prefer outdoor training, others prefer doing exercises and gymnastics at home. Take a look at this flexible bunny with a petite black hole. Take a look at this gallery showing her exercises -

Her gymnastic exercises are not less exciting than this little black hole hehehh :) She is showing great flexibility and bendability in her home settings.

It’s so nice to walk with female gymnast or flexygirl on summer when it’s hot and not too much clothes on! She can show ya some of her exercises outdoor. I’m pretty sure you will find it amusing! Just take a look at this nice gallery -

Gallery is here

So if you are lucky friend of some female gymnast - take her for a walk and ask her to teach you some moves ;)

Summer is a wonderful time! Even in a regions with colder climate gymnasts have an unique opportunity to be trained outdoor on summer. Surely female gymnasts perform much batter when have less clothes on :) Fresh air gives more power to gymnasts during outdoor training. Experienced instructor is a plus. No matter if its even raining, training must be continued anyway. Yes, it’s not easy to become a good female gymnast :)

Check this gallery…