October 2008

This great flexible ballerina played with some ropes, and after that she was a little bit shy after losing her clothes, and seemed to be a little bit unwilling to reveal her private parts, but finally got relaxed and showed a ballet greater than the one you can watch in any theatre on any stage! Amazing show, amazing ballet! You surely will be falling in love with ballet and ballerinas after you see this gallery:

Here is a gallery

Just to remind you great summer days we had, I’m posting a new gallery for you. It’s a bit vintage, but still very nice. Look at this hot biker girl. Surely she has some gymnastics experience. So flexible and cute! Very nice gallery. It’s many years old, but for real lovers of gymnastics, I think it’s rare and priceless!


I have some good news, I finally found it! An official full quality, full length and uncensored release of that famous Romanian Gymnasts video! Yes, we all just love those Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presacan, Corina Ungureanu… damn, their names as hard as their exercises! They are real professional gymnasts and gymnastics are just wonderful! No need to say their gymnastics is even greater when they have less clothes on!

Surely I can not send you my copy of this video, DVD is too damn big and you are not going pay me for postage, are you? ;)

But I have managed a solution so you could watch almost full movie for FREE Online!!!

Now Click MORE to Find out how to watch it for Free!

Now Click MORE to Find out how to watch Romanian Gymnasts for Free!