December 2008

How do you prefer them, these hot female gymnasts? I think they look so great in pantyhose. As well as out of it :) But in these two great galleries you will see them training in pantyhose. And seems they have forgotten to put their panties on. These gymnasts are so devoted to training so they can forget about their panties, but that’s OK ;) Gymnast in the second gallery is a bit old for Olympic games and world championship, but she is really good in some other areas. Just watch the galleries, you will see!

Happy New Year by the way!

Life of a female gymnast isn’t easy (specially a life of a naked gymnast). Training must not be stopped for a single day. No f**king holidays for gymnasts! Only more intense training and harder exercises. Even during the holidays. I believe trainers and instructors are really angry about that fact that they need to spend their holidays training their gymnasts hard, but that’s their duty! Take a look at these great videos , you will see:

Strong motivation is very important in everything you do. Young female gymnasts and girls who are into sports are missing motivation sometimes and don’t want to perform exercises as good as they should. There are different methods to motivate trainees, but these guys have chosen long bullwhips to make their female trainees perform to their max. Enjoy these 3 new galleries today.

Do not try this at home or in your gym if you are not sure what you doing :)

Keep on visiting, I will post more of real Gymnasts Naked soon!

Did you enjoy your Halloween this year? I hope you have had a nice time. But this german gymnast girl Zlata - seems she had not such a wonderful time. Some crazy guy decided to gag Zlata’s pretty mouth and test her flexibility in some weird ways! I think she has passed her test as he didn’t eat her (*joke*) . Zlata has showed wonderful flexibility and exciting gymnastics on Halloween. I hope you will enjoy this great gallery: