January 2009

Female gymnasts always look pretty attractive, but today I have found lots of pics of them dressed in Shiny Spandex. And here is new gallery I’m posting for you! Not all of these girls are really flexible gymnasts, but they are looking good in these bright spandex uniforms. So here is a gallery worth of thousand words….

I think there should be new uniform standard developed for female gymnasts worldwide. Panties with open crotch - is a must! Take a look at these videos - You will see how beautiful it is! I think that’s a great idea. New uniform for female gymnasts should include open crotch panties, or no panties at all. This should make gymnastics the most popular among all other sports! :)

Enjoy the videos and think of my idea :)

Wow, we got a real professional gymnast girl here today! Dressed in harem clothing she is showing her talents almost naked flashing the best parts of her body, shaved very clean, by the way :D Very nice photos, I’m almost falling in love with this gymnast girl!

Click here for a gallery!

I hope you have had great holidays! More hot gymnastic updates coming very soon!