March 2009

It is very important to pass all medical and physician tests on time, even for semi-professional female gymnasts. I’m not even mentioning that they can be accused in taking dope or some other enhancers without regular examinations, there are many other reasons why regular medical control for female gymnasts is important. The good news is that professional gymnasts may pass that strict medical examination for Free! They should be very happy, but lets take a look! A picture is worth thousand words!

If you enjoyed these galleries, you can find more galleries here , or surf directly to Special Examination site for uncensored HD photos and videos!

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Wow, what a hot gallery I’m posting for you today! Very talented and flexible Gymnast Girl Performs Ballet on a Roof. I hope she will be careful and does not fall down from that building, but you better see yourself in this hot gallery. She really seems to be epxerienced enough to stay on a roof :) Amazing ballet, amazing flexibility! Please enjoy!

Here is a gallery!

It’s not easy to maintain flexibility for female contortionists and gymnasts. Sometimes they even need a man to help them in their training. Men have more logic than women and obviously can train female gymnasts very well. Look what they say - “We Bend Them, We Twist Them, We … them…” Surely this ain’t so easy as one can expect! Do you think this position is easy? No Sir, it’s not!
And theres much more stuff they have to do these female gymnasts… I’m not sure if they really have to be able to put their feet into their mouths, but, WOW, they can do this!

Outdoor training with some balls is important too…

Think of this before you become a gymnast or instructor!