April 2009

Hi again! I’m posting a great new gallery for you today, where naked gymnast is actually having a ball. Very nice round pink ball. Exercises with balls of any kinds are very good for young female gymnasts and even for those who are not into gymnastics, but are into fitness or some other crap like that. Training flexibility with balls is very convenient. You can see she is enjoying it and I hope you will enjoy watching these photos too!

Here is a gallery

This flexible teen model unfortunately isn’t flxeible enough for professional gymnastic performances in my opinion, still she is looking very good. Probably her mistake was to wear high heels during the exercises, because its not very comfortable footwear for gymnastics, but this really makes her look better in these wonderful photos. Some exercises are showing that her flexibility is not enough, but it’s a pleasure to watch her trying. Enjoy this nice gallery today!

Just take a look at these wonderfull ballet photos I’m posting for you today! You can witness process of training of two talented and flexible ballerinas - Wenona and Sasha. They are so wonderful, flexible and talented ballerinas! Maitresse Madeleine is busy with training these two ballerinas. It is very interesting, Madeleine thinks that Ballerinas can be trained better without their clothes and with some weights on their sensitive parts. Interesting methods, amazing results! You can watch how flexible these ballerinas are!

Gallery is here!

I’m Posting a new photo feature today :) There’s unsuccessful Female Gymnast being trained in the Gym by mature trainer, who doesn’t mind having some fun with that “gymnast”. She will never become a real gymnast because she is too fat for being a real gymnast, but mature trainer knows the way to enhance flexibility, and it’s always useful, even if you are not planning a career of professional gymnast… Take a look at what job poor mature trainer has to do to enhance girl’s flexibility …

Full gallery here…