May 2009

Hi Again! I’m posting a great gallery for you today to make your weekend more beautiful and to fill it with flexible, shiny and cute female gymnasts in tight shiny spandex and lycra outfits. They are really well trained and flexible gymnasts and their bodies are looking just fine in these tight sporty outfits they are wearing!

You may ask what’s that ballgag for? How can it help them in training?
I don’t know! Maybe for less noise in a gym? Less talking, more training?

Here is a gallery!

I’m posting a small new gallery for you today in order to continue our discussion of importance of discipline in process of training of female gymnasts. These young female gymnasts they should understand it well that Gymnastics is not fun, it’s very important to take training seriously. Look at these pics what they do to achieve discipline and make process of training more effective -

Here is a gallery

Any more ideas? :)

Heheh, I’m posting a gallery of very funny gymnast for you today! I don’t know maybe its economic crisis and unemployment problem caused that talented gymnast girl work for Russian Airlines, instead of doing gymnastics, but anyway she is great, wonderful and very flexible. As flexible as she agreed to show us some of her best exercises and body parts. If you ever will be flying with her - let me know :)

Here is a gallery.


When normal training is not enough, female gymnasts should be trained that way, as I see it. Watch these amazing movies I just found for you today! Very petite and flexible female gymnasts gets extended traning to enhance flexibility of some of her body parts. Isn’t it fun? Great movies, what you think?