August 2009

You know it’s everywhere in the news - “recession”, “crisis” and other crap like this, but just look what savvy young ballerinas do: they have made cool dresses for themselves using some cheap hemp ropes and now they can train their flexibility and become professional ballerinas or gymnasts without spending too much money for uniform!

I think this is very good idea for all ballerinas, and it also looks pretty cool! Watch this gallery to see what I mean:

Enjoy and be as smart and savvy as these talented ballerinas!

This summer brings us great news! There is a brand new place to celebrate wonderful talent of young female gymnasts and enjoy viewing contortion and naked ballerinas performing for you. Check out new Flexi18 and you will be amazed by wonderful ballerinas and gymnasts this little site has. Here are a few sample galleries from there, I hope you will enjoy them -

We surely could go to theatre to watch some beautiful ballerinas there, but the problem is that in theatre these ballerinas are looking ugly often… They are too old, too anorexic or too damn ugly. Besides it’s rather boring and tickets are epxensive. Such expensive tickets! Damn, these ballerinas in theatres have to be naked for that great amount of money we paying!

Thanks to modern technologies and Internet we can watch real artistic ballerinas and gymnasts naked and watch them for free. Take look at these 2 galleries: aren’t they really Artistic? Very hot flexible ballerinas! Who needs that stupid theatre when we have ballerinas and gymnasts like these?

Very good artistic galleries, really. Thats what I call a real ballet!