September 2009

I have found very interesting and funny photos I’m posting for you today. This looks like a new and very inventive way to enhance flexibility of any female gymnast. The only bad point of it is that gymnast may get bored while standing in that position, or her instructor may forget about her and leave her training for longer time than expected. But probably flexibility will be enhanced to the max then ;)

Learn it from this nice gallery and dont try this at home:

Enjoy! ;)

On September, 1st many young gymnasts and ballerinas have returned to their schools to continue their training process. It surely can be difficult after all these summer vacations and fun, but these 18 y.o. female gymnasts and ballerinas are showing great willingness to become real professionals! I’m posting these two great new galleries for you today to celebrate talent of these female gymnasts and ballerinas who are doing everything to have us excited when we are looking at them.