October 2009

These instructors will do anything to improve results of their female gymnasts. Outdoor training with a minimum of clothing while it’s a little bit cold outside, can be useful, because these gymnasts will have to train hard and move fast all the time to keep themselves warm. This is Very interesting training methodics I think - these gymnasts they should become really flexible… But probably that instructor is too hard with them… Check yourself:

Wow, I just couldn’t resist and posted this wonderful gallery for you! This young ballerina in red is so beuatiful and talented! Her flexibility is better than some of female gymnasts have I think… This ballet deffinetly no “Swan lake”, this is something new and every fan of ballet should enjoy this :)

Click this picture to turn this ballerina and see rest of photos :)

A few funny photos of open flexibility competition for two female gymnasts for your enjoyment :) The best way to know things is comparison, so here you can compare these two young talents. I would say that none of these girls showing good flexibility and they will never become professional gymnasts, but the pictures are worth looking ;)


Afterhours training is also very important for all female gymnasts. They need to have some homework to stay in shape always. Very nice if she’s got a boyfriend who can enjoy watching her exercises at home or even take some pictures and upload them for everyone to enjoy flexibility and talents of his young female gymnast or ballerina :)

Enjoy nice sights of 18 y.o. ballerina home training in this hot gallery: