January 2010

I always wonder why they are showing some useless crap on all these sports and culture TV channels? Where are real talents, real gymnastics, real flexibility? Nothing good there. Thanks to our great site you can watch Real gymnasts and ballerinas doing stuff you never imagined before! Watch these nice galleries of very talented female gymnasts and ballerinas which will do anything for you and show you the highest level of gymnastics:

I like the first horsie. Which one do you like? :)

There is an important question - what to do with mature and retired gymnasts? These gymnasts, they can’t do anything else but gymnastics. So what to do with them? Throw them away to the streets? This wouldn’t be so kind ;) Besides, even mature female gymnasts can be very useful and can bring much fun with them. They can be positioned in various ways which require their flexibility and gymnastic skills - isn’t that fun? Take a look at this gallery -

Have fun!