February 2010

Is there any man who does not adore Ballet? Ballet is an unique artistic form where female gymnasts can show all their skill, flexibility and artistism, that is why everyone likes watching Ballet, and specially Ballerinas.
Some position in Ballet require as much flexibility as Gymnastics - You can see this in the galleries below:

Outdoor ballet? Heh, that’s something new, but looks good!

Enjoy the real art of ballet! :)

I like these young female gymnasts… Probably they aren’t the most talented gymnasts in the world, but they are so dedicated to their training and working so hard to enhance their flexibility. Look at first gallery - this gymnast has been training so hard that her white pantyhose got torn in the middle! What a dedication! And she still continues her training! Another gymnast girl was smarter though - she didn’t wear any pantyhose during her training.

Very nice galleries of good gymnasts - enjoy!