March 2010

You will see a few good exercises for female gymnasts and ballerinas they can perform to enhance their flexibility in this educational post. The first one with one leg up, looks very nice and not so many amateur gymnasts can perform it so good. Other two exercises are looking a little bit stupid, but amateur gymnasts can perform them easily.
Look at these girls - they are so happy to perform - gymnastics is not only a hard work, it’s also so much fun! ;)

I’m posting a small, but very interesting update today - By polular demand of our visitors. You should know that gymnast or ballerina Claire - you could see her on many sites. But here she gets a real good flexibility training - very nice poses and splits. You shouldn’t try this at home for sure :) Watch as Claire is trained by another serious woman, who even hangs her by one leg to test her contortion skills. Here is that gallery by popular demand of our visitors:

There should be serious scientific approach to such serious thing as female gymnastics, flexibility and contortion. So various smart people and handymen develop very nice devices which can enhance female flexibility and make a better gymnast of her. Unfortunately they can’t always find a real professional female gymnast to test their devices, but even with these women you can get an idea how these devices work and how they can be used for contortion training, posture improvement etc - just take look at the pictures: