July 2010

Just look here - such a wonderful photography of real artistism and young talents! Here we got brand new galleries of both female Gymnasts and Ballerinas showing you the best exercises they can perform. These are real professional gymnastics and flexibility of these talented gymnasts and ballerinas is just amazing! Please enjoy these galleries and do not try this at home ;)

This talented blonde gymnast is effectively combining training and leisure. Look at these great exercised and poses - this surely has to be a good training of her flexibility and great fun for her and her partner assisting her in her training process :)

Very nice gymnastic exercises are shown in this wonderful gallery posted for you today,


Here are very exciting and eductional videos for young female gymnasts and ballerinas. They are showing various splits and other nice positions. Fishnet hose looks very nice on first gymnast too, but it’s better to take it off because it can be torn during performance of such a wonderful split. Very nice videos anyway, Enjoy!