August 2010

I have found a great and absolutely amazing , brand new place celebrating flexibility and talents of young female gymnasts! You should take a look at these gymnasts and ballerinas for sure. Things they are doing are unbelieveable! I’m posting a few galleries for you to get the idea. They also have videos of same kind there and many more photos of wonderful gymnasts, ballerinas and flexigirls! Visit these Flexi Angels asap to view all!

And the last gallery is specially funny! These gymnasts and ballerinas do not limit their training to legs and body… These girls have strong mouths as well, so beware if you insert something into their mouths, they can easily bite a piece off! ;)

I think you will love Flexi Angels as much as I did!

I doubt that pantyhose is the best thing to put on for gymnasts for training… It may be too hot in pantyhose and also that pantyhose may get torn during some exercises and splits… But it looks damn good on female gymnasts and ballerinas. Gymnasts showing their flexibility and training in pantyhose are very exciting. What you think of it? Just check out these galleries.