October 2010

Just take a look at these stunning galleries: These young gymnasts and ballerinas are simply amazing! It is obvious that they are very talented and flexible gymnasts and ballerinas - they are showing very interesting exercises for you, so if you are real fan of art, these great galleries are for you:

What’s your opinion: Can women train female gymnasts effectively or not? I think men are surely better at this. Women are not strict enough and they are doing various things not related to training with these female gymnasts. Just check out these photos from training lessons of young gymnast girls - I don’t think these exercises were too effective :)

Just a small update for all those who are using such devices as iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices with browsers like Opera Mini etc… Now you can enjoy watching naked gymnasts on such devices easily. Check this out. In addition you fill find a good directory of websites of all kinds which work on mobile devices there.