December 2010

Regular training and daily exercises are absolute mandatory for all female gymnasts. There are simple and nice exercises which can be performed daily, every morning, in order to keep and enhance flexibility level of young gymnast. Watch these wonderful photogalleries where nice young gymnasts will show you how to do them right.

I just can’t stop posting photos of these very talented gymnast girls from that place… They are so different, but all are very flexible and talented gymnasts and ballerinas showing the best of their skills specially for you.

Take a closer look at the first one - she wanted to start her exercises quickly so bad, even forgotten to take out something from her… Well.. take a closer look at the photo ;) Very funny.

The second one is having fun with some rope and balls - very flexible. Real Gymnastics. Pictures are a bit dark, but very beautiful anyway.

The last one is a good proof that everyone can become a gymnast or ballerina… No matter if you are a little overweight. Just look at her - she is a little bit chubby, but she is so flexible and talented! We really can enjoy the show.