Oh, never underestimate those mature gymnasts and ballerinas! They are always ready to show everything and sometimes they are much more talented than their young competitors. Here is a wonderful artistic photosession of one such mature ballerina who shows us some gymnastics. These exercises are obviously easy for her, but not for any average person! Just take a look:

Have fun!

I hope you all have had great holidays and sorry for delay with updates - I had to upgrade server because site is so popular and has lots of visitors! Now it should load even faster for you :)

In this update you will find absolutely fresh, young, talented and very flexible gymnasts - Just appeared online this year (2011) !!! Take a look at their exercises - Not everyone can do this! That’s why they are called female gymnasts. Their flexibility is amazing! The ballerina is very cool too. She will show us some nice ballet here - art is good for everyone ;)


Regular training and daily exercises are absolute mandatory for all female gymnasts. There are simple and nice exercises which can be performed daily, every morning, in order to keep and enhance flexibility level of young gymnast. Watch these wonderful photogalleries where nice young gymnasts will show you how to do them right.

I just can’t stop posting photos of these very talented gymnast girls from that place… They are so different, but all are very flexible and talented gymnasts and ballerinas showing the best of their skills specially for you.

Take a closer look at the first one - she wanted to start her exercises quickly so bad, even forgotten to take out something from her… Well.. take a closer look at the photo ;) Very funny.

The second one is having fun with some rope and balls - very flexible. Real Gymnastics. Pictures are a bit dark, but very beautiful anyway.

The last one is a good proof that everyone can become a gymnast or ballerina… No matter if you are a little overweight. Just look at her - she is a little bit chubby, but she is so flexible and talented! We really can enjoy the show.

Just look at these splendid young female gymnasts and ballerinas - they are so dedicated and so willing to improve their skills and flexibility that they can’t stop training even at home. Yes, it’s very important to have as many training hours a day as possible, if you want to become a good gymnast or ballerina ;)

Please enjoy these wonderful photo galleries featuring talented gymnasts and ballerinas at home showing some of their flexible positions.

Also, for those of you who enjoy real homemade gymnastics: I’ve found a great site full of 100% amateur gymnasts and flexigirls - they are not naked, but still very flexible… Just check this out here. Maybe you will like them too ;)

Just take a look at these stunning galleries: These young gymnasts and ballerinas are simply amazing! It is obvious that they are very talented and flexible gymnasts and ballerinas - they are showing very interesting exercises for you, so if you are real fan of art, these great galleries are for you:

What’s your opinion: Can women train female gymnasts effectively or not? I think men are surely better at this. Women are not strict enough and they are doing various things not related to training with these female gymnasts. Just check out these photos from training lessons of young gymnast girls - I don’t think these exercises were too effective :)

Just a small update for all those who are using such devices as iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices with browsers like Opera Mini etc… Now you can enjoy watching naked gymnasts on such devices easily. Check this out. In addition you fill find a good directory of websites of all kinds which work on mobile devices there.

Very very hot and stylish photos of talented young female gymnasts in the dark doing their unusual exercises specially for you. These girls are very flexible and experienced and they will show you some real good gymnastics and ballet, not that bullshit which you can find in mass media. Enjoy these stylish galleries of real gymnastics and ballet!

I have found a great and absolutely amazing , brand new place celebrating flexibility and talents of young female gymnasts! You should take a look at these gymnasts and ballerinas for sure. Things they are doing are unbelieveable! I’m posting a few galleries for you to get the idea. They also have videos of same kind there and many more photos of wonderful gymnasts, ballerinas and flexigirls! Visit these Flexi Angels asap to view all!

And the last gallery is specially funny! These gymnasts and ballerinas do not limit their training to legs and body… These girls have strong mouths as well, so beware if you insert something into their mouths, they can easily bite a piece off! ;)

I think you will love Flexi Angels as much as I did!

I doubt that pantyhose is the best thing to put on for gymnasts for training… It may be too hot in pantyhose and also that pantyhose may get torn during some exercises and splits… But it looks damn good on female gymnasts and ballerinas. Gymnasts showing their flexibility and training in pantyhose are very exciting. What you think of it? Just check out these galleries.


Just look here - such a wonderful photography of real artistism and young talents! Here we got brand new galleries of both female Gymnasts and Ballerinas showing you the best exercises they can perform. These are real professional gymnastics and flexibility of these talented gymnasts and ballerinas is just amazing! Please enjoy these galleries and do not try this at home ;)

This talented blonde gymnast is effectively combining training and leisure. Look at these great exercised and poses - this surely has to be a good training of her flexibility and great fun for her and her partner assisting her in her training process :)

Very nice gymnastic exercises are shown in this wonderful gallery posted for you today,


Here are very exciting and eductional videos for young female gymnasts and ballerinas. They are showing various splits and other nice positions. Fishnet hose looks very nice on first gymnast too, but it’s better to take it off because it can be torn during performance of such a wonderful split. Very nice videos anyway, Enjoy!

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