A small new photo gallery for you. Just look at this blonde gymnast girl - she is so healthy and fit and flexible! Wonderful splits and everything. Very good gymnastics. Unfortunately she is being misused and her gymnastic abilities and flexibility are being used for other purposes. Yes, sometimes female gymnasts are misuses - such a pity… But it’s fun to watch this ;)

Some tech problems have occured, so there were no posts for a while. Everything is fine now and posts will resume as usual :)

These two flexible gymnastic ballerinas have teamed up to show us something. I think it’s going to be a “Swan Lake” ballet. A little warm-up and they are ready to show! Check out this great gallery right now! These two gymnastic and flexible ballerinas are really talented :)

Here is a gallery.

These amateur home gymnastics enthusiasts are looking so great sometimes. And they are even more dedicated to gymnastics and training than professional female gymnasts so often! They have no instructors, but they are training so hard that they can show real good flexibility and contortion. Just look at these wonderful exercises they perform! These gymnast girls are so willing to enhance their performance, that they are training even in their kitchens or bedrooms!

Many of you wanted to see some exericses for female gymnasts and overall flexibility enhancement which can be performed at home. Here is one wonderful exercise which can be performed at home and which can increase one’s flexibility. One has to perform it for just about 30 minutes, and then will become more flexible for sure. Tape on mouth is optional component, as mouth does not have big influence on female gymnast’s abilities ;)

Here is your gallery.

Start exercising as soon as possible! ;)

You will see a few good exercises for female gymnasts and ballerinas they can perform to enhance their flexibility in this educational post. The first one with one leg up, looks very nice and not so many amateur gymnasts can perform it so good. Other two exercises are looking a little bit stupid, but amateur gymnasts can perform them easily.
Look at these girls - they are so happy to perform - gymnastics is not only a hard work, it’s also so much fun! ;)

I’m posting a small, but very interesting update today - By polular demand of our visitors. You should know that gymnast or ballerina Claire - you could see her on many sites. But here she gets a real good flexibility training - very nice poses and splits. You shouldn’t try this at home for sure :) Watch as Claire is trained by another serious woman, who even hangs her by one leg to test her contortion skills. Here is that gallery by popular demand of our visitors:

There should be serious scientific approach to such serious thing as female gymnastics, flexibility and contortion. So various smart people and handymen develop very nice devices which can enhance female flexibility and make a better gymnast of her. Unfortunately they can’t always find a real professional female gymnast to test their devices, but even with these women you can get an idea how these devices work and how they can be used for contortion training, posture improvement etc - just take look at the pictures:

Is there any man who does not adore Ballet? Ballet is an unique artistic form where female gymnasts can show all their skill, flexibility and artistism, that is why everyone likes watching Ballet, and specially Ballerinas.
Some position in Ballet require as much flexibility as Gymnastics - You can see this in the galleries below:

Outdoor ballet? Heh, that’s something new, but looks good!

Enjoy the real art of ballet! :)

I like these young female gymnasts… Probably they aren’t the most talented gymnasts in the world, but they are so dedicated to their training and working so hard to enhance their flexibility. Look at first gallery - this gymnast has been training so hard that her white pantyhose got torn in the middle! What a dedication! And she still continues her training! Another gymnast girl was smarter though - she didn’t wear any pantyhose during her training.

Very nice galleries of good gymnasts - enjoy!

I always wonder why they are showing some useless crap on all these sports and culture TV channels? Where are real talents, real gymnastics, real flexibility? Nothing good there. Thanks to our great site you can watch Real gymnasts and ballerinas doing stuff you never imagined before! Watch these nice galleries of very talented female gymnasts and ballerinas which will do anything for you and show you the highest level of gymnastics:

I like the first horsie. Which one do you like? :)

There is an important question - what to do with mature and retired gymnasts? These gymnasts, they can’t do anything else but gymnastics. So what to do with them? Throw them away to the streets? This wouldn’t be so kind ;) Besides, even mature female gymnasts can be very useful and can bring much fun with them. They can be positioned in various ways which require their flexibility and gymnastic skills - isn’t that fun? Take a look at this gallery -

Have fun!

First of all Merry Christmas, Everyone! But I have to notice that poor female gymnasts have no rest and they are training and being trained all the time, no matter what holidays are being celebrated! They have to be in shape and improve their results all the time. Yes, it’s hard to be a gymnast, but they have to, because many people enjoy watching gymnasts naked. Watch these fresh photos of talented 18-19 y.o. female gymnasts now and enjoy your holidays!

In the times of global degeneration, only wonderful female gymnasts seem to be improving all the time. They are getting more and more beautiful, and their results seem to be better and better all the time, beating the old records! Look at this new generation of splendid, talented female gymnasts: They are so flexible and their gymnastic exercises are performed so good! They are a little bit naked, but I think you won’t mind this - it doesn’t affect their exercises performance at all :)
Look at these wonderful poses - all beginner gymnasts should go that way!

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