No need to argue that good female gymnasts should be well trained for acheving maximum results. Even better when these gymnast girls can train each other - this saves lots of time and makes process of training so wonderfull, exciting and effective. These two girls are obviously trained very well: They perform for each other and train each other’s flexibility. I’m not sure if these clothespins and other stuff is neccessary in training process, but the girls seems to be doing good gymnastics anyway. Take a look at this gallery:


Do you like ballet more than I do? These ballerinas are so flexible and well-trained, that they surely are better than some of female gymnasts! Besides ballet - that’s real art and culture, and gymnastics - thats a kind of sport… Anyway take a look at these ballerinas - they are just wonderful, so artistic and flexible and they can perform ballet just anywhere - in a locker room, or in a living room, just wherever you want them. This artistic ballet stuff has something in common with gymnastic exercises, hasn’t it?
This ballet appears to be specially artistic when they lose some clothes during the process ;)

I always thought that there are no female gymnasts with big breasts, but I was wrong. There are such gyms where you can find many decent female gymnasts with really big and natural breasts. What a find! They are trained there in various flexible positions. Very nice, take a look at this gallery…


As you know the whole planet is experiencing some financial crisis nowadays and all these ballerinas and gymnasts - they always need to travel to various competitions and performances. And all these airplane, train and other tickets cost lots of money! I just have found these great movies showing brand new concept of flexible gymnast girls transportation… By the way, Ballerinas can be transportated this way too, because they are flexible too. Look what these savvy and smart trainers have invented - they put their gymnasts into a suitcase or just a bag and they are delievered as baggage. This surely can save lots of money! Ballerinas can be delievered to theatres same way! This is great idea, isn’t it?

The only problem, that after long way in a bag these gymnasts need a little warm-up, but their trainers and instructors are happy to help them :)

These instructors will do anything to improve results of their female gymnasts. Outdoor training with a minimum of clothing while it’s a little bit cold outside, can be useful, because these gymnasts will have to train hard and move fast all the time to keep themselves warm. This is Very interesting training methodics I think - these gymnasts they should become really flexible… But probably that instructor is too hard with them… Check yourself:

Wow, I just couldn’t resist and posted this wonderful gallery for you! This young ballerina in red is so beuatiful and talented! Her flexibility is better than some of female gymnasts have I think… This ballet deffinetly no “Swan lake”, this is something new and every fan of ballet should enjoy this :)

Click this picture to turn this ballerina and see rest of photos :)

A few funny photos of open flexibility competition for two female gymnasts for your enjoyment :) The best way to know things is comparison, so here you can compare these two young talents. I would say that none of these girls showing good flexibility and they will never become professional gymnasts, but the pictures are worth looking ;)


Afterhours training is also very important for all female gymnasts. They need to have some homework to stay in shape always. Very nice if she’s got a boyfriend who can enjoy watching her exercises at home or even take some pictures and upload them for everyone to enjoy flexibility and talents of his young female gymnast or ballerina :)

Enjoy nice sights of 18 y.o. ballerina home training in this hot gallery:

I have found very interesting and funny photos I’m posting for you today. This looks like a new and very inventive way to enhance flexibility of any female gymnast. The only bad point of it is that gymnast may get bored while standing in that position, or her instructor may forget about her and leave her training for longer time than expected. But probably flexibility will be enhanced to the max then ;)

Learn it from this nice gallery and dont try this at home:

Enjoy! ;)

On September, 1st many young gymnasts and ballerinas have returned to their schools to continue their training process. It surely can be difficult after all these summer vacations and fun, but these 18 y.o. female gymnasts and ballerinas are showing great willingness to become real professionals! I’m posting these two great new galleries for you today to celebrate talent of these female gymnasts and ballerinas who are doing everything to have us excited when we are looking at them.


You know it’s everywhere in the news - “recession”, “crisis” and other crap like this, but just look what savvy young ballerinas do: they have made cool dresses for themselves using some cheap hemp ropes and now they can train their flexibility and become professional ballerinas or gymnasts without spending too much money for uniform!

I think this is very good idea for all ballerinas, and it also looks pretty cool! Watch this gallery to see what I mean:

Enjoy and be as smart and savvy as these talented ballerinas!

This summer brings us great news! There is a brand new place to celebrate wonderful talent of young female gymnasts and enjoy viewing contortion and naked ballerinas performing for you. Check out new Flexi18 and you will be amazed by wonderful ballerinas and gymnasts this little site has. Here are a few sample galleries from there, I hope you will enjoy them -

We surely could go to theatre to watch some beautiful ballerinas there, but the problem is that in theatre these ballerinas are looking ugly often… They are too old, too anorexic or too damn ugly. Besides it’s rather boring and tickets are epxensive. Such expensive tickets! Damn, these ballerinas in theatres have to be naked for that great amount of money we paying!

Thanks to modern technologies and Internet we can watch real artistic ballerinas and gymnasts naked and watch them for free. Take look at these 2 galleries: aren’t they really Artistic? Very hot flexible ballerinas! Who needs that stupid theatre when we have ballerinas and gymnasts like these?

Very good artistic galleries, really. Thats what I call a real ballet!

This cute blonde gymnast amazed me from the first moment she appeared from behind the curtains! Such a well-trained and super-flexible gymnast and so cute! These photos are great. I’m sure you will enjoy gymnastics and exercises this cute blonde gymnast girl does for you in these 3 stunning galleries. Finest Flexibility and beauty for you today:

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