Do you know that cute russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva? You like her? I do not. Because she doesn’t do naked gymnastics like another hot russian Polina Kabaeva does! So whats the use of that Alina Kabaeva when we got Polina???
Just look at these galleries. Amazing! Great gymnastics, great flexibility and no panties, so unlike Alina Kabaeva, she is present on our great site for you!


These athletic girls have are trained to be even more flexible in a werid way. But seems that ropes and cold water really help them to become better gymnasts and spread legs better and wider. Take look at these wonderful galleries, they are really exciting and funny:

Are they flexible enough for you now? :)

What would you do if you had a young flexible ballerina in your apartment? Watch some ballet? Heheh.. take a look at these wonderful movies showing a best way to spend time with female ballerina. First watch some ballet, preferrable with minimum of clothes, then get to more interesting action…

I believe after watching these movies you should learn the best thing to do with female gymnasts and ballerinas :)

Have Fun!

Here is a Wonderful photoset of hot and young blonde gymnast. Very talented and flexible girl, doing great exercises. But what do we see between her spread legs? That naughty gymnast has a tattoo on the most private part of her body! What an immoral gymnast girl! Where is moral nowadays I’m asking? Such a wonderful talented flexible gymnasts have tattoos in various places, this is not good. What if she performs at olympic games and everybody sees that naughty tattoo? Anyway I hope you will enjoy watching this great gallery, see you again soon! :)

Heheh.. dont try these gymnastics at home, you can break your neck :)

This one you gonna like. If you like this I will post more soon. Heres funny photos of retired female gymnast who finally understands that gymnastics can be more exciting and fun for everyone when no clothes on. She should work on her flexibility, surely her exercised are not ideal, but I hope our visitors will like this stuff anyway :)

Like these gymnastics? I’ll publish more pretty soon!

We all love ballet, don’t we? Specially ballerinas. Even ballerinas without ballet :) This is even better and more fun. Here is a great new gallery for you to enjoy nice views of flexible ballerina’s body and her nice legs in white pantyhose and panties. Now who can say ballet is boring? It’s a fu**ing art!!! You have to admit!
Enjoy the gallery and don’t try this at home, unless you have a real naked gymnast or ballerina in your home :)

Click this pic to watch the full gallery!

Hehe, sorry, haven’t been posting new stuff for you for a long time. Lots of work you know :)

Here are nice photos of sexy russian gymnast training in some dirty gym. Very very nice, but I’d make a notice that she needs more traning and shave her pubic area more accurately. Except for these factors, she is such a cutie :)

Well, different schools for female gymnasts have different methodics of training. So which is the best way to achieve great results? Boring endless routines of same gymnastic exercises or maybe some Shock Therapy? Studies show that shock treatment can help young gymnasts in training. Thats a way to achieve great results, great flexibility, to become perfect!

Just watch this gallery - The worst female gymnast trainees of a sports school are taken to special training session:

Here is a gallery.

Want to see Full-length movie of this Shocking training session ??? Download Here - The Video is absolutely exciting and uncensored!

I just have found and decided to post for you some older photos of very hot and flexible gymnast girl. Seems that she has forgotten almost all of her training clothes at home, so now we can enjoy viewing this shy naked gymnast all uncovered :)
This gymnast is just one of many Petter Hegre finds around the world and makes pose naked for him. Seems that he enjoys watching naked gymnasts too ;)

naked flexible gymnast...
Here is the gallery for you

Here is another batch of very hot new ballerinas for you :) These ballerinas never became real ballerinas, because they were not good enough for this! But there’s nothing preventing them from showing us their best abilities and private parts. They are very exciting anyways, just look at these new photos:

The last one is definetly not flexible enough for good contortionist :( but it’s still a pleasure to watch her spread in her chair :)

What would you do with pair of handcuffs, long metal pipe and female gymnast? ;) Well, these guys have combined all those components for flexibility training of female gymnast. Actually fixed with handcuffs to that metal pipe, female gymnast can’t do anything but improving her flexibility and professionalism. You can adjust her position in various dimensions to make the training process more effective :) Gymnastics is such a fun! But training of gymnasts is hard :(

Enjoy this gallery and don’t try this at home :)

Thats all folks, For This Time! :D See ya soon

Oh, Those Amateur Gymnast girls are Everywhere! Recently found one at ATK : this good looking brunette has many photosets involving Gymnastics and flexibility in there. Her gymnastics exercises are absolutely amateur, but anyways, watching them is a pleasure :D

I’ve decided to post one big gallery for you today -

I hope you enjoyed this naked gymnast amateur!

What do you think of this - Can such humiliation of female gymnasts have an impact on their results? It seems that in Russian sports schools they already have started active traning of their female gymnasts in order to win Olympic games 2014 in Sochi… Oh, there is no gymnastics in Winter olympic games? I’m not really sure, but who cares? They deserve a good training anyway :)

Here are a few nice and very new galleries from the good site named Special Exercises… They just have provided these great galleries for us a day before, so you can enjoy them now!

They have gigabytes of those exciting Full-length movies in there !!!
Have fun! :D

A New Gymnast in Town will not let you down! :) We are happy to see new hot Gymnast and flexigirl Becky who runs her own site named Flexi Becky full of very naughty photos and videos featuring her and the lucky ones who can put their sticks into her tight h0les :D
What a young, talented and tight gymnast girl!

I have chosen these 2 galleries of flexi Becky to show you for today -

Enjoy! Isn’t she a lovely gymnast and girl?? :)

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